Branch Out Arts is run by Sarah Mayhew Craddock. Born in rural North Yorkshire, Sarah fledged the nest, flew around a bit, and returned to her home county as a creative instigator with a strong belief in the wonder of community spirit and a keen interest in sustainable living.

Since graduating from art school with a First Class (hons) degree in Fine Art and a Postgraduate Diploma in Spatial Design Sarah has worked as a curator and art critic, and has also been involved in programming, producing, and promoting events and festivals across the arts. Sarah feels passionately about access to the arts for all, and knows the joy that art can bring to people of all ages in addition to the horizon-shifting, memorable experiences, and valuable life skills that can be acquired through creative learning and engagement.

If you were to ask Sarah to tell you what she does she’d most likely tell you (with a sparkle in her eye) that she’s a creative day siezer who loves life, loves spreading a love of the arts, loves making art, loves working in the arts, and is therefore a very lucky individual!

Visit www.sarahmayhewcraddock.com and have a snoop around!

Sarah, Ottilie and Mike


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